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What I love about this post is that 1) it’s about an article on permaculture (permanent agriculture), something I find intriguing on multiple levels (horticultural, biological, political, sociological…)    2) it’s an article shared from the UMass Daily Collegian (a paper I wrote for briefly in my own UMass days) and 3) coolest of all, it was written by one of our own employees, Brendan Deady, a burgeoning UMass journalism major and, in my not-at-all humble opinion, a name you should remember!

UMass converted a patch of grass into a garden stocked with perennial vegetables (the cornerstone of the permaculture movement) along with our favorite annual stuff like tomatoes and squashes, that helps stock the UMass dining halls with organic veggies. It was so successful, they’re developing other permaculture initiatives, capitalizing on more efficient ways we can interact with our environment.

Click below to check it out in further detail, and I’ll be posting (hopefully) more permaculture stuff  throughout the year.


UMass Permaculture Initiative to add three new programs by Brendan Deady





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