Plowing FAQs

In order to avoid future confusion and miscommunication, please review our plowing FAQs & guidelines below. Email recipients may confirm by email reply to

This is not a contract for service, only mutual acknowledgement of service terms.

Billing Cycle/Forms of Payment: Invoices will be mailed after 3 every storms or at the end of the calendar month, whichever comes first. Payment is accepted in the form of check, money order or credit/debit cards. For shared billing responsibilities (i.e. roommates, multi-family homes, et al), submit ONE check for each invoice. Please do not divide payment among multiple parties. They will be returned.

Price Changes: Plowing prices may change as our costs increase (i.e. rising gas costs,etc.) during the season. However, price changes usually occur prior to the season as we adjust our yearly budget.

Conditions for/Timing of Plowing: Natural Landscape will perform plowing services approximately one hour before the end of 2.5″-3”+ snowfalls, or after 3” of snow have fallen during larger storms requiring multiple visits. We do not plow storms of less than 2.5″-3″ (conditions dependent, ie 2″ wet snow that may freeze may be plowed for safety, while a light 3+” followed by rain or warm weather may be skipped at our discretion).

Pricing: Our first visit is charged at 1X the full rate. Subsequent visits for amounts LESS than 3 inches, are charged at ½ your full rate. Subsequent visits for amounts MORE than 3 inches, are charged at your full rate. Snowplow pricing is not an exact science, unfortunately.  We do our best to provide guidelines that will help guide your budget and decision making process.  When warranted/requested we will move cars to improve the quality of our service.  This is charged at $10 per car moved

Pricing Exception(s): Very large and/or unusually fast moving storms, i.e. blizzards and storms with extended blizzard conditions and heavy snowfall of 12”+, while not common, can, at our discretion be charged full price per visit.  Also, storms that have been “misforecast” by Meteorologists, delivering significantly more snow and/or for significantly faster or for longer durations than predicted, forcing us to plow what would have been a (example) “3 visit storm” in one or two visits/trips.  Our labor/time is essentially the same as three trips, so we cannot bill for one visit what should have been 2 or 3 billed trips due to unknowable (on our parts) conditions.

Plowable events within a single, long duration storm, eg. a 30-40 hour storm that is plowed during the first 6 hrs and final 6 hrs, with site visits separated by more than 12 hours, may be billed as separate events, at natural landscape’s discretion.

Requests for “Skips”: Occasionally, clients will perform their own snow removal. We do ask that this is minimal, once per year at most. We schedule our routes, determine staff size and maintain a certain amount of snow removal equipment based upon the full plow list/customer roster. Once our list reaches a certain number of clients, we do not take on additional clients.  Thus an account that “skips” multiple storms has taken the place of another client that would have fully utilized our services. Skips without notifying natural landscape may result in “trip charges” equal to ½ of plow price per visit.

Obstructions in Driveway: If possible, we may call ahead to those who have cars/obstructions in their driveway, allowing for ample time to clear the work area. Please move or minimize obstructions, such as cars, from driveway. Price adjustments are not made for plowing around obstructions/cars. Necessary additional visits are charged accordingly. Please call or email, and we can give you appropriate ideas/direction for how to park multiple cars, etc.

Property Damage: Natural Landscape is not responsible for damage on or around UNstaked driveways.  We will repair at our cost (between $15 – $25), any damage to lawns done directly by us.  We are NOT responsible for damage to property concealed by snow that was not there upon our initial site visit.  We are not responsible for making previously cracked or damaged asphalt or other driveway material worse. Plows cannot damage intact asphalt but can catch broken edges making them worse.  Areas like this should be brought to our attention prior to plowing season, we will avoid if possible.  We will repair gravel driveways FOR A FEE in the spring, as some movement of the gravel is unavoidable.

Cancellation of Service: Customers may unconditionally cancel service at any time. Customers are obligated to submit payment in full for open balances immediately upon cancellation. Credit cards on file will be used to process unpaid balances in full, immediately upon cancellation.  Customers who do not wish to continue service the following season, MUST call BEFORE the upcoming plowing season, as it is our policy to resume service for the prior season’s clientele.

Attorney/Collection Costs: Should Natural Landscape incur collection costs or require legal action in an attempt to recover any unpaid debts, the client will assume all related fees.